Rising talent Noukie transforms a bad date into a modern rock anthem with 'Custom Nightmare'

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Dutch-born, Sweden-based Noukie has put the music world on notice with the release of her bold and brilliant new single, 'Custom Nightmare'. A single that turns a disastrous date into a blast of pure sonic catharsis, it's a track that artfully balances healing vibes with fierce, emo-rock sounds.

Navigating both heartbreak and serious illness, Noukie's channels every ounce of dating frustration into 'Custom Nightmare'. It's a collaboration with Izzy von Scarecrow, produced by Fredrik Bergström, and it absolutely crackles with defiance. This ain't your typical post-breakup wallow; it's a battle cry for anyone who's tired of settling for less.

Speaking about the single, Noukie shared, "I wrote this on the subway home after a particularly annoying date. I remember thinking back to all the weird guys I’ve met and just started writing. By the end of that subway ride I wasn’t even annoyed anymore, just excited about my new song!"

The energy in the track is undeniable, hitting that early 2000s punk-pop sweet spot. Think, Avril Lavigne with a heavier, more chaotic edge, with Noukie carving out a blazing pop-punk sound that has been twisted around a futuristic and experimental frame. It's a gloriously messy soundscape, mirroring the whole rollercoaster that is modern romance.

Lyrically, Noukie pulls no punches, with the song standing as a glorious middle finger to those who waste your time. The raw honesty is the track's beating heart, ensuring it's the kind of song you blast on repeat after one too many disappointing flings. Throughout, Noukie's not just venting, she's taking a stand for something bigger, and we absolutely love it.

Signed to the Bark At Your Owner label, Noukie is a beacon for women, transgender, and LGBTQ+ artists, breaking down barriers in the music scene. 'Custom Nightmare' is a defiant reminder that your voice, your experiences, they matter.

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