Australia's Own stonnii Unveils Debut EP 'Better,' A Beacon of Resilience and Hope

Australian singer, songwriter, producer, and artist stonnii has released her highly anticipated debut EP, 'Better', delivering a gorgeous, and deeply effective collection that longs for better days.

In beautiful form, the four-track EP reflects a profound turning point in stonnii's life and music career, as she explained, "I made this EP between 2020 and 2021, during a music course that I took after a mental-breakdown-inspired career leap from architecture and construction." Crafted alongside co-writer Leon Antonov during the tumultuous years of 2020 and 2021, 'Better' became a testament to stonnii's resilience, creativity, and innate desire to connect with others through music.

Throughout the EP, stonnii's genre-bending sound is on top form, blending indie pop, Australian soft rock, and neo-soul. Each of the four tracks shines in their own way, creating a rich tapestry where every moment holds similar instrumentation, but feels unique and authentic. Composed of four distinct tracks, 'sunny', 'monday', 'cake', and 'bad days', the EP offers a unique glimpse into the stonnii's emotional and musical journey, exploring themes of longing for better times, while also holding a hopeful promise that those brighter days would arrive.

Reflecting on the EP, stonnii acknowledged the irony of writing uplifting songs before facing some of her toughest personal challenges. "I like to think that I was unknowingly crafting this gift for future me back then, preparing a soothing melody for her and a reminder that we will make it through,” she said. “I hope 'Better' can provide the same sense of solace for everyone who hears it.

With the EP now available on all streaming platforms, stonnii invites audiences to join her on the journey of self-discovery and healing that 'Better' embodies. Fans can follow her on Instagram, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud for updates on performances and future releases, and subscribe to her mailing list for exclusive content.

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