Oklahoma's Mapping The Sky Unleashes Debut Album ‘Here And Not Here’

Oklahoma-based alternative rock band Mapping The Sky have made their mark with their debut album, ‘Here And Not Here’. Released via Creative Entertainment Network and The Orchard, the album showcases a blend of infectious grunge-inspired melodies and raw, introspective songwriting.

Boasting catchy melodies, intricate, yet immersive guitar work, and some undeniably wonderful songwriting, ‘Here And Not Here’ is an instantly ensnaring collection, delivering a fresh perspective that reimagines familiar sounds into sharp, original cuts. The lead single ‘Last Bastion’ is a perfect example, delivering a searing alt-rock sound backed by waves of distortion and emotive vocals, it tackles themes of isolation and self-sabotage, inspired by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Frontman and band founder Jordin Swanson explains, "I wrote 'Last Bastion' when COVID-19 was going around, it deals a lot with isolation. Also, the premise of the song has a great deal to do with being your own worst enemy.” The accompanying video brings this internal struggle to life with Swanson hauntingly stalking himself.

Other standout tracks include the anthemic ‘Get Up Kid’, driven by headbanging guitar riffs and a message of perseverance, and ‘Just Like Me’, an ode to individuality inspired by Oklahoma's 'flyover state' status. "Oklahoma is considered a ‘flyover state,’ so I tapped into that angst we have," Swanson says. "The song is essentially saying: As long as you are trying, it’s okay to be whatever you are."

‘Here And Not Here’ doesn't shy away from emotional depth. Tracks like the title song explore relationship struggles while ‘Fallen Angels’ offers moments of introspection. Swanson's vocal delivery channels his grunge influences while showcasing the band's versatility.

While Mapping The Sky's music has always arrived as an invitation to feel connected, ‘Here And Not Here’ is amplified brilliantly, shining with shared human experiences and a vulnerability that perfectly undercuts the alt-rock sounds. When speaking about the album, Swanson has said he hopes the album provides solace for listeners, and after just a few listens, it’s clear it’ll do just that.

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