Aviram Spies Crafts A World of Musical Narratives in 'Little Tales'

Composer and pianist Aviram Spies invites us all into a delightful realm of musical stories with his debut album, ‘Little Tales’. Having started his musical journey at a young age, Aviram has always tried to create music and explore different genres, changing and altering classical pieces into his own unique pieces. In true form, his debut album is one of those experiences, with Aviram seamlessly blending his passion, eclecticism, and inspirations into a magical showcase of sounds.

Built from seven compositions, the album makes its mark from the very first notes of the opening track ‘The Next to Last Time I Was Shot Out of a Cannon’. Inspired by the Etgar Keret short story of the same name, it welcomes you into the album with a delicate interplay of strings, evoking a sense of anticipation. As the piece builds, it transforms into a cinematic adventure marked by classical intensity, slowly tumbling into view as a moving exploration of the poignant themes found in Keret's story.

Throughout Aviram captures the story's essence with his composition. "I wrote the piece while being incredibly inspired by Etgar Keret's amazing short story," he says. "A story that's full of wonder, about tackling hard moments in life and finding the beauty in the small things, and I hope my piece is able to reflect that."

With perfecting pacing, The Next to Last Time I Was Shot Out of a Cannon’ captures the ethos and emotional weight of the album perfectly, setting the stage for a rare listening experience.

While track ‘The Next to Last Time I Was Shot Out of a Cannon’ shines as the centerpiece, the rest of ‘Little Tales’ offers its own delights. Tracks like ‘The Broken Pearl Necklace’ and ‘A Doll's Waltz’ showcase Avarim's versatility, shifting between somber melodies and playful grooves, while ‘The Sleeping Giant’ unfolds with a whimsical charm, its opening melody played by wind instruments that joyously emulate a ticking clock.

At its core, ‘Little Tales’ is a testament to Avarim’s ability to evoke a myriad of emotions through sound. Its songs flow and unwind, evoking different emotions and responses, while reinforcing the idea of transformation and redemption. Throughout, Aviram emerges as a skilled storyteller, ensuring that ‘Little Tales’ is an immersive and satisfying listening experience for everyone who hears it.

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