Azure Blue shares ‘Rise’, the new single from his upcoming sixth album

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With the release of his sixth studio album on the horizon, Stockholm-based artist Azure Blue has shared his dream-pop infused new single, ‘Rise’. The second single to be taken from the album, ‘Rise’ is an undeniable new cut from a truly talented artist.

Described as “a rushing dream pop anthem with a chorus that is timeless on its first listen,” the new single is an evocative exploration of emotionally charged love, delivering a seamless blend of dreamy melodies, upbeat energy, and hazy, cinematic vocals. Musically, the track is a deft evolution of alt-dance and synth-pop sounds, layering shimmering instrumentals and dynamic melodies to create a truly immersive experience.

Filled with analog synths and a Peter Hook-like bass, ‘Rise’ is a scintillating release that features long time companion The Land Below, AKA Erik Lindestad, who sings the vocal harmonies. A testament to Azure Blue’s ability to craft and create magical moments, the blending of the vocals perfectly complements the expansive instrumentals, adding emotive weight and force to the track, without it ever feeling overdone.

‘Rise’ is available now ahead of the new album’s release. Titled ‘The Night of the Stars', the album received a grant from the Swedish government's culture council. The first single from the album, ’Define Your Dreams’ has been featured in many ‘best of’ lists including Sweden’s biggest daily, Dagens Nyheter.

Having received praise from the likes of PopMatters, The Fader, and The Line of Best Fit, Blue Azure is clearly making waves within the music scene, and his upcoming album has the potential to be his most impressive yet. The main theme of the album is togetherness in times of hardship, and aims to push Blue Azure’s music and sound to new heights.

For the album, Blue Azure has teamed up with the legendary mixer Ollie Olson who worked with everyone from Snoop Dogg and The Bee Gees to Robyn, ensuring that the artist’s patented sound is intact, but in a more luxurious form. Richer, clearer and more powerful than ever.

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