Derek Lee Goodreid shares anthemic single ‘Tattoos, Blues and Nothing Left to Lose

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Combining elements of country, blues, and rockabilly, Derek Lee Goodreid has captured the hearts of many with his soulful and captivating performances. A talented and wonderfully authentic artist, Derek’s music combines his love of country and blues to create a distinct and captivating style that resonates deep within the heart and soul of everyone who hears it.

His latest single, ‘Tattoos, Blues and Nothing Left to Lose’ arrives as another compelling illustration of his style, perfectly encapsulating his sound and artistry with his grit, determination, and passion. A song that delves headfirst into themes of new beginnings and reinvention, ‘Tattoos, Blues and Nothing Left to Lose’ sees Derek leaving behind the confines of a small town to find something new. 

Backed by his soulful vocals and vivid, personal lyrics, Derek’s latest release is an unforgettable experience, perfectly balancing classic blues vibes with his fresh, creative streak. A powerful introduction to Derek’s new album ‘Built to Last’, which is set for release on the 1st of March this year, ‘Tattoos, Blues and Nothing Left to Lose’ is an impressive glimpse into his timeless style.

Speaking openly about the single, Derek shared, "'Tattoos, Blues and Nothing Left to Lose' is a glimpse into the emotional landscape of 'Built to Last.' This song embodies the soul of the entire album, offering a taste of the storytelling and musicality that awaits listeners."

Drawing inspiration from classic country music, ‘Built To Last’ will explore themes of heartbreak, mistakes, and loss, showcasing Derek's commitment to preserving the rich storytelling tradition of country and blues music, while infusing the styles with a fresh twist and contemporary relevance. Armed with a powerful, evocative sound and dynamic voice, Derek’s style is genuine, inspired, and utterly ensnaring, ensuring his songs will linger in your mind long after the final chord is struck.

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