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BB Stevens - ‘Not My Monkeys’

  • 2 min read

A Hoboken, NJ-based musician with a penchant for raw, guitar-driven sounds, BB Stevens has been carving out his own impressive path in the music industry. Having produced records and composed songs for global stars like Madonna, and collaborating with industry titans like former Saving Abel vocalist Scotty Austin and award-winning record producer Malcolm Springer, BB Stevens has cemented his place in the music world.

In a perfect return to form, BB Stevens have recently shared his raucous new EP ‘Not My Monkeys’, delivering five original cuts that shine with an audacious blend of nostalgia and innovation. Released through Stryker Records, an imprint label of the Universal Music Group Ingrooves family, the new EP is a visceral collection of tracks that explore the full spectrum of human emotions.

Opening with tracks like ‘GoodbiBaby’ and ‘Lucifer’s Rain’, BB Steven’s delivers a whirlwind of heavy guitar riffs, impassioned vocals, and vibrant, undeniable energy. There’s an intensity and directness to the songs that hit just the right spot every time, shimmering with classic rock sounds and fierce, irrepressible anthemics. As the EP continues, ‘Spirit Be Gone’ arrives as a true highlight of the EP, shifting between contemporary and golden age stylings that blend perfectly with BB Stevens’ hushed, emotive vocals.

In the closing tracks, ‘Mercy Mercy’ and ‘Hard Hard Place’, BB Stevens continues to charge ahead with a flurry of electrifying beats and resonating rhythms. Both tracks flow with creativity and charm, shaped by heavy grooves in ‘Mercy Mercy’ and a haunting duet in ‘Hard Hard Place’.

A release that stands proudly apart from the mainstream, ‘Not My Monkeys’ is an impressive illustration of BB Stevens style and individuality. Marching to the beat of its own drum, and perfectly blending raw emotional moments with powerful rock–driven cuts, it’s an EP that is purposeful, powerful, and poetic. For more from BB Stevens, be sure to check out his website and social media pages below.

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