$BBrando⸸ lands on our radar with bold new single ‘Punch Drunk’

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Cameron Brader, better known by his enigmatic musical moniker of $BBrando⸸ has been carving up the US scene for some time now, delivering a prolific string of tracks over the last few years. An ‘entirely self-operating’ musician with a powerful DIY ethos, $BBrando⸸ has recently landed on our radar, bringing with him a seminal new cut called ‘Punch Drunk’.

Released earlier this month, ‘Punch Drunk’ sees $BBrando⸸ in his element, delivering a solid rap sound that builds on solitary piano keys, sombre tones, and a nuanced blending of vocals. From a fractured beginning, $BBrando⸸ creates a subtle, evocative melody, trading in the atmospheric opening for deep, rolling beats, ambient tones, and of course, the heavy, focused delivery and emotive lyrics that $BBrando⸸ has become known for.

At just under four minutes in length, ‘Punch Drunk’ is an impressive illustration of the rising rapper’s sound and style. Kicking up the dust and championing his dark rap stylings, $BBrando⸸ takes after his inspirations to create a sound for any fan of Mac Miller, Juice WRLD, and Lil Peep.

With over thirty tracks already to his name, $BBrando⸸ is paving his way to something special. For more from the rising star, be sure to check out his website and socials below, along with his Soundcloud page where his full musical catalogue is available to stream.

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