Raymond Bradley shares his soulful new album 'Maintain The Love'

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A novelist, cartoonist, and budding musician, Raymond Bradley is a unique figure in the timeless worlds of RnB and soul. Known for his classic sound that blends with his love of ‘90s and 2000s pop, Raymond has become a unique and captivating musical force, delivering a string of soulful albums over the past few years.

Championed by publications like New York FM, who lent their support to previous single ‘Where You At’, Raymond has finally arrived on our radar, backed by his latest anthology, ‘Maintain That Love’. A twenty-four-track collection that explores the many different shades, feelings, and sides of love, Raymond’s latest album is arguably his most complete and expansive, pulling no punches and delivering a full-scale illustration of his talents as a singer and songwriter.

Through opening songs like the title track, ‘Walking in the Storm’, and ‘Where Is My Heart?’, Raymond delivers a unique listening experience, colliding raw, undefinable vocals with diverse blends of RnB beats, soul sounds, and dizzying pop elements. As the album continues, Raymond continues to push his sound to the limit, taking hold of smooth instrumentals and layering them with his stark, heartfelt lyrics.

Armed with a passionate style that sees Raymond pinning his heart to his sleeve, ‘Maintain That Love’ is Raymond’s most extensive release so far, seeing the artist sing from the heart and creating something that few other artists could replicate.

Speaking about Raymond’s music, New York FM commented on the “timeless, mesmerizing, atmospheric, soulful and dreamy production” highlighting Raymond’s ability to sing from the heart and draw on melodic ballads. For more from Raymond’s musical catalogue, and to hear more about his upcoming projects, be sure to check out his links below.

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