Benny The Moth - 'No War'

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Benny The Moth are the four piece genre defying, high impact band hailing from Jersey in the Channel Islands, and consisting ofLionel Gomes on Vocals,Tom Kennedy on Guitars,David Michel on Bass and James Evans on Drums.

No strangers to the scene, the band first formed in 2002 starting life in the province of Gorey in Jersey, which is not only famous for reasons, now undoubtedly, linked to the band but also for the nocturnal insect life that resides there amongst its merriment of lights and rich fauna.

Benny The Mothreleased their 3rd album ‘Life Amongst Plants and Fungi’ in 2020 which also included a former version of the track ‘No War’. Now, the band have taken this track and headed back into the studio with it, to produce a reimagined and reworked version of the track. The new and improved version is heightened by the addition of some pretty awesome instrumentals including a harmonica and saxophone, making this tune a one of a kind, stand out anthem of epic proportions.

The band have said of the track, “This track is a reggae/ska/jungle inspired timeless anti war message promoting peace and the power of the spoken word - war is scourge waged upon civilised innocent peoples for the benefit of powerful international corporate and ideological factions and we have responsibility as free citizens to voice our resistance to such crimes against civilians."

‘No War’ was recorded at Orbital Studios in Jersey  and was produced and mixed byLucas Saunter. The track is being released on all digital streaming and download platforms byBubblebrain Records and is published bySentric.

To support this new release the band have further announced that they intend to release a brand new four track EP in 2023 release which will coincide with a UK club and festival tour. Full details of which will be announced in due course. 

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