Blood Red Rose – ‘Haunting Me’

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Over the past few years, the Wincanton trio of Blood Red Rose has been simply unstoppable, releasing a string of impressive records and standalone singles that have changed the way we look at the independent alt-rock scene. After first making their mark in the closing months of 2020 with their debut record, the tight-knit band have started 2023 with some truly ensnaring singles.

From the unfiltered raw sounds of ‘Heroina’ to the dark and wonderfully melodic sounds of ‘Too Scared’, Blood Red Rose have been on a high, and today, they’ve continued to make history, sharing their latest expressive single, ‘Haunting Me’. Written by the trio of Paul Stiling, Kim Kendall, and Luke Hiscock, and with the classically dark lyrics of frontman Paul in play, the new single is another unpolished gem waiting to be discovered.

A stormy release that is clouded in sonic rhythms, ‘Haunting Me’ is a modern song caught adrift in spiraling vintage sounds. The vocals are fittingly emotive in tone, set adrift within the music and calling out endearingly, but it’s not always clear what they’re saying. It’s an emotional response, one heightened by the music and the raw nature of the track.

With a distinct punk energy, colliding guitar riffs, and its eclectic melodic style, ‘Haunting Me’ is available now on Spotify, and as part of our annual Spotify playlist.

Set to be part of the band’s upcoming sixth studio album, which will be shared later this year and built from the singles they’ve released so far, ‘Haunting Me’ is an evocative release that while rough, could be polished into a dark indie gem with the right production. You can stream the new single above, along with the band’s complete discography on Spotify and Bandcamp below.

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