Home for Sinner – ‘Somnipotence’

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A self-taught musician with a life-long interest in sound and music, Home for Sinner is undeniably unique. Born from a love of synthesized and sampled sounds that blend with more traditional musical theory, the project has developed a cohesive and wonderfully captivating style that sculpts and refines every release into a distinctive audio landscape.

Speaking of his music, Home for Sinner explained, “My music is driven by an exploration of opposing ideas and themes, a sonic interplay between darkness and light. Additionally, I am fascinated by the intersection of natural and non-organic sounds, using pedal tones that anchor the industrial chaos that surrounds them.”

For their latest release, the wonderfully titled ‘Somnipotence’, Home for Sinner has shared an expansive eight-piece movement that explores dreamscapes and hallucination, diving headfirst into deep meditative pieces that will they say are “intended to be listened through from start to finish, with each movement referencing different parts of the night.”

At its core, the release is a dark and brooding journey, one that is filled with movement and steady evolution as the artist takes us on a journey through his nocturnal adventures. In the opening movement, Home for Sinner creates a brilliant, chaotic atmosphere, soaking the passage in lingering tones and droning industrial sounds. It’s a track that builds relentlessly, capturing a restless tonal sound that is impossible to deny. In the second movement, a short reprieve comes to light, with the song offering some gentle chord progressions, before we’re driven into ‘an old world waltz, with a feel of a hurdy-gurdy’. An unexpected movement, the third song is a sporadic and broad piece, one that keeps you on your heels right until the end.

As the fourth movement and the second half of the album arrives, Home for Sinner delivers more chaotic energy, with the atmospheric rhythms shifting toward more entropic spaces. There is a sense of uncertainty that lead into the fifth movement, as the artist steps tentatively into new musical territories, dragging the listener along for an unstable, but ultimately rewarding adventure. In the final three movements of ‘Somnipotence’ there are fleeting moments of hope and clarity among the music, with subtle, transient sounds cutting through the harsher sections. In the end, it’s the final movement that sticks with you, slowing pulling you from Home for Sinner’s world and returning you to reality.

In the past, there have been many artists who have tried to conquer ambient soundscapes and more textured droning sounds, with varying degrees of success, but none have come as close to balancing darkly ethereal vibes with truly engaging compositions. Through eight movements and nineteen minutes of music, Home for Sinner creates a detailed and rewarding exploration of deep meditative spaces.

You can stream the album above via Spotify, or head to Home for Sinner’s Bandcamp page below where you can download all of their music for free.

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