Blood Red Rose – ‘Too Scared’

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One of the most prolific independent bands we’ve ever encountered, Blood Red Rose have kept us guessing for years, twisting their dark indie sound into a maelstrom of impressive singles, albums, and even covers. Armed with a sporadic, free-flowing creativity that seamlessly shifts between styles and genres, the band have become known for their relentless pursuit of new creative space.

After releasing their aptly titled fourth album last year, the band have been quick to follow things up, delivering two hearty new singles that are sure to keep their fans properly entertained. After starting with last month’s ‘Heroina’, a nostalgic indie-rock single that took the band back to more hard rock territory, Blood Red Rose are back and sounding more resilient than ever, carving out an evocative and wonderfully familiar shoegaze sound.

A dark and wonderfully melodic sound that harks back to some of the band’s earlier albums, ‘Too Scared’ hits through waves of reverberating bass and angled, shoe gaze guitar, pitching itself against tempered drums and calling vocals that will draw you in perfectly. As emotive as it’s titled, it’s a song where the band wears their influences on their sleeves, delivering a snapshot of the band in their comfort zone and sounding more cohesive than ever.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Too Scared’ is a fitting balance to the scrappier single of ‘Heroina’, offering an enjoyable double act that will appeal to all of the band’s fans. You can stream the new single below via Spotify, and be sure to check out our feature on ‘Heroina’ here.

A welcome return to the band’s shoegaze roots, ‘Too Scared’ is an impressive re-introduction to the band and a brilliant step towards more mainstream exposure. For more from the Somerset trio, be sure to check out their website and Bandcamp page below or catch them on Spotify where you can stream their full discography.

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