Chris Russo – ‘Terre Lontane’

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An artist with a penchant for fusing rock and pop sounds into roaming guitar anthems, Christian Russo has just released his debut album, delivering nine original tracks that represent his free-spirited and wonderfully creative sounds to the world.

Beginning his musical journey at the tender age of fourteen, Christian has studied with various masters of national and international fame, trading talents and refining his sounds with the likes of Fabio Zeppetella, Carlo Fimiani, Lutteberg and Willian Stravato, Scott Henderson, and more. In 2019, he graduated in rock blues guitar with honours at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, and since then, has been quietly carving out a unique and enviable legacy.

Titled ‘Terra Lontane’, which translates artfully to ‘Distant Lands’, Christian’s debut album is an eclectic and sometimes overwhelming musical journey that draws you through an array of blues, jazz, pop, and rock sounds. Opening with the sounds of a distant seascape, ‘Onde e gabbiani’ takes its time to develop, set adrift in haunting vocal tones and subtle, isolated acoustic guitar. It takes time, but the affinity does eventually builds with the melody, allowing a true connection to form and the song’s value to become clear. From there, ‘This Is My Blues’ lives up to its name, offering a rough, but riveting blues track that wanders freely alongside some impressive guest vocals by Carmen Costantino. It’s a song that captures the essence of the album, but also some of its pitfalls, with the layered composition occasionally competing with itself and fighting to be heard clearly.

Elsewhere in the album, the title track and the following number of ‘Road Beyond Borders’ offer some impressive highlights, finding their mark through steady percussion and inviting guitar lines that evolve into nostalgic and slightly aged slices of rock music. In ‘Bossa Supermarket’, Christan delves into more free-wheeling jazz sounds, layering them tactfully with more modern pop ideals, before the album comes to an eventual close through ‘Pitta ‘mpigliata’ and ‘Tik Tocchita’ and their free, almost directionless energy. It’s a captivating, sometimes confusing experience, switching between genres and flowing with wild creative energy, but there’s also something undeniably expressive about them.

At its heart, ‘Terra Lontane’ is filled with long, evolving compositions, that don’t always hold your interest, but always off something to think about. Through their raw production and Christian’s unshakable passion, the songs manage to create a rewarding listen, creating a troubled, but successful album from which Christian can grow and evolve.

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