Bone Throwers - 'Alluvium Altar'

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All debut singles are meant to serve as a first impression of a band, a tantalising slice of their style, influences, and ethos, but no debut single has his quite like Bone Throwers' 'Alluvium Altar'. A straight shot of raucous psych-rock, it's instantly become a firm favourite of ours, and after just one listen, we're sure you'll understand why.

Cut from Salt Lake City, Utah, the Bone Throwers' released their debut late last month, stitching together different styles and sounds into a rough-and-ready melting pot of hard rock sounds and psychedelic vibes. Caught between worlds, 'Alluvium Altar' showcased the bands love for folk and blues roots music, laying down a solid foundation that is spiked with their own unique twist. Available now,the single delivers an undeniable sound that will draw you in and never let go.

An impressive track that has been a long time in the making, 'Alluvium Altar' is a perfect introductory statement from the tight-knit trio. Speaking about the release on their Instagram page, the band shared, "What started as a zealous freewheeling recording project between Adam Sovinsky and Stone Behrens, with the help of bass archangel Jake Wagoner and skull-shattering drum titan Gavin Hansen has since blossomed into a face-melting surf-punk thrash-jazz quattro which shall henceforth be known as Bone Throwers.”

Along with the release of the new single, the band are also teasing their upcoming EP, which they've hinted will be out very soon. You can tune in to the brand new single below via Spotify.

Easily one of the most instantly rapturous debuts of the year so far, Bone Throwers have hit the ground running and proven their a band to watch. For more from the Utah trip, be sure to follow them on their social media pages below.

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