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Skyuka - 'Houseplants'

  • 2 min read

Scintillating talent Skyuka has released her indie rock single ‘Houseplants’, and it’s easily the edgiest sound we’ve heard from her yet. Fresh off releasing her indie pop single ‘Michael Cera’ and a recent WAM SOTY nomination, the Boorloo/Perth based pop icon has shared her new grungy indie rock single.

Opening with a dark synth bass line, Skyuka takes us on a journey of frustration, cynicism and ego fuelled desperation, with vocals and distorted guitar sounds reminiscent of 90s garage bands. ‘Houseplants’ is moody and catchy, with lyrics that are at times, indeed, quite scathing.

Speaking about the song, Skyuka shared, "‘Houseplants’ is definitely the first angry song I’ve released, and it feels great. It’s about having complete, utter disappointment in someone and a lack of communication making you question everything to the point that you drive yourself crazy, creating your own narratives that may not even exist."

"‘Houseplants’ originally started with just a bass line that I wrote and from there came the melody quite easily. I was having a terrible night mentally, so the salty lyrics just poured out of me. I then programmed some synth and recorded my vocals from home. My brother (Token Friend) put down live bass and guitar; and did a lot of layering in parts to really build the tension. We both then went to Debaser Studios with Jasper Emmitt Miller who put down live drums. We were very grateful to then have Andy Lawson steer the track in the right direction with his production and mixing skills.”

Skyuka has also had previous support from Apple Music and across community radio including RTR FM, Radio Fremantle, Edge Radio and 97.9 FM to name a few. Skyuka is known for her eclectic sound; with ‘Houseplants’ she is making her mark on the global indie pop scene, with an EP set to be released later this year.

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