Boon – ‘Somebody Else’

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Nashville's very own, Boon, the eighteen-year-old writer, singer, mixer, producer, who masters all his own music - not to mention shoots and directs all of his videos – immersed himself in the music industry at a young age, taking lead from his father who served as Carrie Underwood's lead guitarist since the start of her career. A unique talent, Boon has made his mark with a string of impressive releases like ‘I Might Like U’ and ‘You’, earning spots on Spotify and Apple playlists and winning over fans and critics alike.

Armed with a charming and experimental sound, his work breaks all the known boundaries of rock, trap, blues, and pop, arriving at a hybrid sound that is perfectly illustrated in his new single ‘Somebody Else’. Billed as "a semi-depressing song which is disguised sonically as a feel-good, pop record. Boon spoke openly about the new single, confiding, "I love the irony of having an anthem about being a horrible person and telling your significant other they could do better."

Despite his young age, Boon exemplifies the DIY sound and ethos that has made so many good musicians great, pursuing his own unique sound and style of production that earmarks him as a true prodigy. His last release ‘Can't Be Love’ features an enhanced rock-driven sound that is heard throughout his upcoming project.

You can stream ‘Somebody Else’ below via Spotify, or you can find it on all major platforms now.

Boon's music has been added to playlists including Spotify's New Music Friday, Salt and Apple's Alternative and his TikTok videos with BlackBear recently went viral, amassing millions of streams and a loyal following.

Stream the new single above and make sure you lend Boon your support by following him on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok below.

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