BreezeWavBeatz - ‘Caught Up’

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A rising talent within the hip-hop scene, BreezeWavBeatz is quickly becoming one of the most refreshing and prolific artists that Oregon has to offer. Releasing music every two to four weeks, he’s constantly impressing fans with a stream of impressive singles, including his latest effort, the bold and brazen ‘Caught Up’.

Released earlier this year, the new single is a perfect encapsulation of BreezeWavBeatz’s style, delivering a clean rap sound that is elevated by some nuanced experimental touches. Available now on most major streaming platforms, the single has become a true illustration of how far BreezeWavBeatz has come, showcasing his more creative and artistic expression, along with his production techniques and songwriting abilities.

BreezeWavBeatz started writing rhymes while away in his sophomore year of high-school, banging on a desk, and still playing the trumpet. He released two songs on SoundCloud that same year with his close friend oliboi, taking charge of his creative aspirations at just seventeen years old. After starting to experiment with the piano and making beats on his laptop, he delved more deeply into his music, exploring new sounds and textures while constantly pushing his passion and career as an artist.

Refining his skills as a musician with his piano playing while also picking up the bass and guitar, BreezeWavBeatz has continued to expand his sound. To this day, he’s continued to grow and rapidly improve, expressing his story through music and creating a style that is completely his own.

With an album already available to stream, BreezeWavBeatz is proving he’s a true force in modern music. His sound and passion creates the backdrop for his work, as he explained, “I want to help the world and bring my stories / feelings into songs. I’ve always felt out of place before I could make music and it was that missing piece of expression.”

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