Yoko! - ‘ɥɓnouƎ X Nxvember!’

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Every now and then, we stumble upon an enigmatic new artist who has been busily creating their own musical world online, stitching together impressive cuts from new creative spaces and bold artistic choices. Today, our latest discovery is Yoko!, a wild new talent whose music speaks about rebellion, addiction, loneliness, and the harsh realities we all face.

Taking to Soundcloud, Yoko! has been releasing music gradually over the last year, setting the stage for his twisted rap sound and raw, honest verse. One of his most recent releases, ‘ɥɓnouƎ X Nxvember!’ is something of a signature track for Yoko!, illustrating his unique style, along with his growth and evolution as an artist.

Garnering over 6,000 streams in just a few days, it’s clear the power that Yoko!’s music holds, and while the instrumentals and beats are central to the appeal of the track, it’s his honesty and willingness to tackle darker issues that make it so gripping. A constant theme within his music, Yoko! strives to speak about the Rebellion, society's experiences and expectations, addiction, loneliness, money, and the harsh reality of life, moulding them into a unique ‘cloud’ experience.

A welcome force within the underground scene, Yoko! Is making his mark in his own way, pushing past the boundaries and limits that might hold back some hopeful artist, and carving out his own fierce legacy.

Available now on Soundcloud, alongside with a string of other songs like ‘Used2!’ and ‘Wocky Awesome’, and a special sped up version of the current single, ɥɓnouƎ X Nxvember!’ is a bold glimpse into the future of Soundcloud rap. For more from Yoko!, be sure to check out his social media and YouTube pages below. 

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