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Brian Barron - 'Junky Boy'

  • 2 min read

With a knack for storytelling and a passion for authentic music, renowned Irish musician and songwriter Brian Barron is celebrating the launch of his second album with the release of his latest single, 'Junky Boy'.

'Junky Boy' is an acoustic lullaby about the world of addiction, dedicated to those who have found themselves on the losing side of that battle. While the term ‘junky’ is often portrayed in a negative light, Barron attempts to paint the world of an addict in a lighter tone through the lyrical message of his music.

A musical savant, Barron draws inspiration from American folk singer Arlo Guthrie and the legendary Bob Dylan for his latest masterpiece, combining the use of reflective lyrics and acoustic chord progressions to giveJunky Boyan authentic feel throughout.

With a runtime of two minutes, the song manages to tap into the inner thoughts of those struggling with addiction, and not just the heroin kind. Whether it be an addiction to social media, fame, TV or material objectives, Barron manages to portray how addiction can affect everyone, no matter your background, status or creed. After the success of his debut album 'Century Of The Self' in 2019, the contemporary folk songwriter is staying consistent with his theme of storytelling and has crafted a new album titled, 'The World Keeps Turning'.

Barron possesses the unique ability of being able to paint a picture of different people’s lives through his music. In 'The World Keeps Turning', the Irish musician tells the tale of legendary outlaw Martin Cahill and details life in a forgotten Polish village where only the children remain.

'The World Keeps Turning' consists of eight riveting tracks including its namesake - a track about the ephemeral nature of mankind in the shadow of mother nature. Sticking to what he knew best, Barron recorded 'The World Keeps Turning' at Hellfire Studios in just one day. Jane Eleanor played violin and provided backing vocals for the pieces and Ivan Jackman was tasked with mixing and mastering the album.

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