Tawny K – ‘Millennial Woman’

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A wonderfully talented singer, songwriter, and musician, Tawny K fell in love with music at an early age, learning guitar and drums at school and taking every opportunity to perform for her friends and family. With a stunning voice and talent for creating vibrant pop melodies, Tawny has become a true icon of the independent scene, and now, she’s ready to release another stunning single, the fierce modern anthem of ‘Millennial Woman’.

Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia, Tawny has always been drawn to music, but it wasn’t until she was approached by Australian producer Nick Hart that her career really began. Approached to record guitar and vocals for his dubstep anthem ‘Believe’, Tawny soon began to write her own music, taking inspiration from some of her favourite artists to create a sound that was bright, joyous, and wonderfully her own.

In 2012, Tawny recorded her debut album under the guidance and expertise of record producer Matthew Williams. It was a gorgeous mix that combined pop, R&B, and bold EDM sounds that set the standard for Tawny’s career, and after several years in the studio refining her talents, the title track was released to critical acclaim. Since then, Tawny has continued to impress fans and critics alike, delivering a maelstrom of modern pop tracks that personify her fun-loving approach to music.

Today, Tawny is ready to release her most expressive and dynamic single to date, delivering an R&B infused anthem that tirelessly champions women’s empowerment. Built on a sharp cinematic sound that sees dramatic synth tones firing across waves of nuanced percussive beats, ‘Millennial Woman’ is built to inspire, creating a unique, contemporary sound that takes hold and refuses to let you go. As the instrumentals rise and flow, Tawny delivers a bold, confident vocal performance, delivering lines with a powerful refrain that matches the impact of the lyrics themselves.

Produced by Matthew Williams at Fat Trax Studios in Adelaide, ‘Millennial Woman’ is set to become a highlight of Tawny’s career, with mastering engineer Martin Pullan saying, "This track is flippin' epic! Dusty Springfield, James Bond and Phil Spectre all rolled into one! Love it.”

Hardworking and incredibly talented, Tawny has always said that she hopes to be a role model for the younger generation, and with singles like ‘Millennial Woman’, she’s definitely well on her way. Encouraging, inspiring, and absolutely undeniable, the new single is everything we’ve come to love about Tawny and more.

You can stream the new single above and make sure you check out her social media pages below for more incredible tracks.

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