Bunny Alex shares a dreamy ode to newfound love in 'Soft Spot'

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Talented indie newcomer Bunny Alex crafts dreamy, nostalgic pop songs with a heartfelt touch. A German-Filipino artist based in Liverpool, Bunny Alex has a special way of delivering sweet, soft, and ethereal sounds with a touch of nostalgia.

Her latest single, 'Soft Spot' is a captivating and confessional track about newfound love. Through her candid lyrics, self-produced soundscapes, and soft vocals, Bunny Alex creates a vulnerable, and instantly relatable sound. It's a song that has warmth and honesty, making it an instant soundtrack for that early, exciting phase in a blossoming relationship.

Bunny Alex's music has a way of transporting you back in time, layered with gentle nostalgia that brings you back to memories of first crushes, mixtapes swapped with friends, and bittersweet summer nights. It's the kind of sound that lingers long after the song ends. Her lyrics are like diary entries set to music, filled with the kind of achingly honest details that resonate deeply with anyone who's experienced the whirlwind of young love.

Through 'Soft Spot', Bunny Alex reveals her skill for creating descriptive and colorful lyrics that draw vivid pictures, supporting interesting stories of dreams, heartbreak, feelings, and youth. This track, the first of her 2024 releases, and her most vulnerable to date, is a testament to Bunny Alex’s talent, cementing her as an artist to watch in the future. It's clear that she has written and the song from a place of personal reflection, and the result, is a song that will charm hearts and minds all across the globe.

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