CallMeBloom – ‘I Just Wanna Say’

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One of the latest hip-hop artists in a long list of New Orleans’ talents, CallMeBloom first arrived on the scene in 2021 when he delivered his seminal debut album, ‘The First Ten Years’. An impressive record, his debut introduced the world to his skillset, pushing a bold mix of rapping, poetry, spoken word, and raw production right into our consciousness.

Since that album, CallMeBloom has continued to impress fans and critics alike, dropping new singles like ‘You See Me’ and ‘The Corporation’. Today though, it’s one of his old favourites that we’re shining a spotlight on, drawing new attention to one of the true highlights from his debut album, ‘I Just Wanna Say’.

A song that draws inspiration from life and music, ‘I Just Wanna Say’ introduces a more laid-back and candid side to the artist, offering a wave of catchy, yet authentic bars and simple production that lets the more human qualities of the song shine through. Musically, it’s a simple, yet effective piece, one that builds around you and draws you in effortlessly.

Speaking about the release, CallMeBloom explained that it’s a “laid-back hip-hop banger to just vibe to while riding around,” to which he further added, “The song reflects the love for music and just life in general, stopping to enjoy and just relax what's around, instead of the nonstop hustle and grind as normally advocated for.”

Available now, along with the full album, ‘I Just Wanna Say’ is an impressive release that shouldn’t be overlooked. You can tune in below via Spotify, or head to our annual Spotify playlist where the single is streaming alongside a host of other impressive cuts from the year so far.

Definitely an artist to watch throughout this year, CallMeBloom has shown that he’s capable of some truly impressive releases. Tune into the single above, and for more, make sure you connect with CallMeBloom on his social media pages below.

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