– ‘Moltobene’

An enigmatic artist with a talent for creating invigorating lo-fi soundscapes, has become one of the underground scene’s most intriguing new prospects. Influenced by early ‘90s techno and golden age hip-hop, has spent years refining his intoxicating sound, pushing boundaries and evolving into a true, hybrid talent. After first making his mark with the release of the acclaimed four-track EP ‘French Bourbier’ earlier this year, has been a constant musical force, and today, we’re proud to shine a light on his latest offering, the brilliant ‘Moltobene’.

A four-track release that builds upon an impressive string of singles and the ‘Edie’ EP, ‘Moltobene’ finds in fine form, lashing out with a bold, yet melodic sound that reflects his chilled outlook. In his Spotify bio, the artist reflects that he only wants “to chill and shudder while making and listening to music”, and the new EP is a stellar illustration of that fact, capturing a passionate, focused, and wonderfully innovative style that lies somewhere between vibrant house and more laid back EDM vibes.

One of the standout moments on the new EP, ‘Giungla’ is arguably one of’s finest tracks to date, capturing an experimental edge that takes his sound to the next level. Featuring friend and fellow independent artist N-ièm, who also features on follow-up track ‘Maria’, the single bridges gaps between worlds and genres, offering an expansive glimpse into the future of modern dance.

You can stream the EP in full today on Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music, along with lead single ‘Guingla’ on our very own Spotify playlists, ‘Moltobene’ is an essential new release for any fan of melodic EDM with sharp indie vibes.

On his Instagram profile, proclaims, “I'm the cap, of all the best I'm the copycat. This is only my potential, I must become what I am”, and it's hard not to respect that. With limitless creativity and a passion that permeates every one of his releases, continues to prove that he’s an artist that deserves your attention.

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