Capgun Corp – ‘Capguns Plan’

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The world of hip-hop is filled with bold talents and innovative collectives. They’re the new generations pushing the genre forward and paving the way for new eras, igniting flames and pushing boundaries wherever they can be found. No matter where they’re from, there’s always hype and excitement surrounding a new collective, and with Capgun Corp, it’s certainly no different.

A bold new project that has been carving out their own unique path through Aotearoa’s blossoming hip-hop scene, Capgun Corp was founded by a tightknit band of artists, combining the talents of Necrum Select, Larry D, TZ, Sugar James, Lonesome_Carboy, Luis Mill, and Common Child into one devastating sound.

While the collective has already proven their talents time and time again with a string of impressive releases already on Spotify, their latest cut is a huge cut above, hitting with heart, soul, and plenty of grit determination. A unique hip-hop anthem that shines with character, it’s a song that perfectly encompasses the four primary motivators that the group was founded on: reinvigorating fading principles and styles of hip-hop, building on the local scene, self-expression, and inclusion.

Described as a “funky, old-school, boom-bap style track”, ‘Capguns Plan’ sees Larry D and Sugar James taking centre stage, lashing out with heavy verse that flows effortlessly over a bold, contemporary beat by Necrum Select. Available now on all major platforms, along with our annual Spotify playlist, this is one track you won’t want to miss.

Along with the release of the new single, the band are also currently championing the release of ‘4 Tha Cause’, a brilliant compilation album where all of the proceeds are going to 298 Youth Health in Ōtautahi. Tune into ‘Capguns Plan’ above, and make sure you check out their album to uncover more of their brilliant tracks.

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