Marc Clough – ‘Adrenaline’

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When we first met Marc Clough, he had stepped away from his Hull-based rock outfit and was championing a new, stripped-down acoustic sound. It was a move that he sealed with the release of ‘Reaching For the Sun’, an honest and wonderfully heartfelt debut single that hung somewhere between emotive alt-pop and full-bodied balladry. Today, Marc is back on our radar and continues to impress, and it’s all thanks to the release of his stunning sophomore single, ‘Adrenaline’.

Progressing brilliantly from the strong central melodies, catchy riffs, and textured acoustic sounds of Marc’s debut, ‘Adrenaline’ is further proof of his talents, shining a brilliant spotlight on his songwriting and ability to effortlessly connect with any audience.

Speaking openly about the new single, Marc explained, “‘Adrenaline’ is a song that is very cuttingly honest and personal to me. It has a lyrical s passionately the realisation of my own mortality. No one is superhuman and I believed I was. We all need rest, and to look after ourselves. I wish to reach out to people who are, were or may perhaps experience anxiety in the future. My mission for this song is to engage and encourage people to listen, feel and share their feelings and thoughts to each other rather than keeping them hidden and ignoring difficulties whether post-pandemic or domestic.”

“Musically the soft touch of the fingerpicking guitar in the verses and the contrasting powerful strumming rhythmic chorus, with hints of piano accompanied by my two harmonised vocals gives the song two sides to the anxiety journey presenting the mixed feelings and worries anxiety can have for people, now, especially more than ever post-pandemic, and the physical aspects anxiety can present. I'm plugging this track for this purpose, to reach out and create awareness and get people connecting, sharing and talking.”

While ‘Reaching For the Sun’ was the start of a new era for Marc, ‘Adrenaline’ is a fine second chapter, offering another wonderful example of that contemporary acoustic sound. Available now on all major platforms, it’s a single that simply demands to be heard.

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