Caroline Romano - 'This House'

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Nashville-based singer and songwriter Caroline Romano reveals her new single, 'This House' off her upcoming EP, 'A Brief Epic’, set for release later this year on July 28th.

With her new EP, Caroline reintroduces herself with a more mature and intentional alt-leaning sound. The EP will include past singles 'Mississippi Air' and 'Guts', as well as her latest single, 'This House'.

Delivering her diaristic lyrics over slow-burning rock instrumentation, 'This House' tells a heart wrenching yet cathartic tale. Caroline elaborates on her new single, saying "‘This House’ is about the self-inflicted bruises that come with trying to make something work that inevitably never will. It’s about so desperately wanting that person to look at you a certain way, but always feeling like they see right through you. It’s painting the walls just to have them draw all over it, and building a house just for them burn. I guess it’s not really about unrequited love, but about just not having quite enough of it.”

At just 21-years-old, Nashville-based singer and songwriter Caroline Romano has already accrued millions of streams across her repertoire. Her songs showcase her witty, introspective and hopeful take on modernity, romanticism and the highs and lows of being young in today’s world. After sharing her 2022 debut album, 'Oddities and Prodigies', Caroline has continued to deliver a stunning array of follow up singles and is now ready to share her new project, ‘A Brief Epic’ EP. 

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