Castle KYD – ‘Mess You Left Behind’

A sensational new talent who has been named as “Idaho’s most promising indie-rock singer-songwriter”, Castle KYD spent most of 2021 wrapped in success. With a string of sensational releases and a gorgeous sound that layers haunting, choral vocals with raw, emotive lyricism, Castle KYD has become an unparalleled musical icon. While singles like ‘Menagerie’ introduced Castle KYD in perfect style, it’s his latest that is really making waves, delivering a unique epic that explores the complexities and emotions left in the wake of an abusive relationship.

A heartfelt single that showcases Castle KYD’s desire to relate to people and explore music as a means to cope with trauma, ‘Mess You Left Behind’ is a delicate blend of artfully poised acoustic instrumentals and vulnerable passages, offering a unique reflection of the psychological storms that rage on long after the damage has been done.

Speaking about the new single, Castle KYD explained, “‘Mess You Left Behind’ was written on a sleepless night, thinking about someone I lived with and had to leave because it was so toxic. In 15 minutes, every feeling, anger and blame poured out of me and formed a poem which became a song in those minutes. After months, I still miss and crave them despite their emotional abuse; I blame myself for craving that, the person who instilled a lot of hurt in me. After struggling to get over it, I’ve become paradoxical; I am the mess this person left behind.”

“In a time where it feels like accountability is a thing of the past, ‘Mess You Left Behind’ is an efficacious reminder that regardless of how alone you feel in your scorn, you never are; there’s a scarred tribe alongside you. Much more powerfully, Castle KYD proves that grief isn’t exclusively reserved for the people that left a resoundingly positive imprint on our lives when they were in it. In every conceivable way, it is a masterpiece.”

A deft collaboration with producer and instrumentalist Danny Blackburn succeeded in bringing a cinematic feel to ‘Mess You Left Behind’ while never compromising on the humble simplicity of Castle KYD’s resonant and approachable style.

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