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Chelsea Warner - 'Drama'

  • 2 min read

At just 20 years old, Chelsea Warner has struck gold, with her luscious and smooth debut EP, ‘Drama’. A coming-of-age release manifested into existence, ‘Drama’ is the melodic actualisation of the theatre of growing up, entering the world and feeling the burn of society's spotlight.

With the support of Universal Publishing and Right Hand Management guiding her, it’s only a matter of time before the silky-smooth vocals and shimmering melodies of Chelsea’s float into the hearts, minds, and ears of all those who take the time to listen.

Produced by Chelsea herself, with support from pop and Alt-R&B artist, songwriter and producer, Maribelle, along with Matt ‘Xiro’ Fioravanti working across the EP as well, the release is a stunning illustration of Chelsea’s sound, talent, and seemingly limitless creativity.

Speaking about the EP, Chelsea explained, “From re-working songs I wrote when I was sixteen to starting new tracks completely from scratch, I was able to reflect on the turbulent formative years of my young adulthood and look back at them with retrospect and nostalgia, while also being not quite yet removed. As I delved deeper into my own experiences, the EP slowly became about the invisible audience of adolescence and the coming-of-age expectations put onto young girls, with the world constantly feeling like a high-stakes stage. 

For fans of alt-R&B acts such as Solange, KAYTRANADA and Milan Ring, Chelsea’s debut EP ‘Drama’ sets her apart in Australia’s expanding R&B scene. The EP features a collection of songs from a young woman evolving from girlhood to a more well-rounded brilliant R&B artist in the making. 

Chelsea continued, “I’m excited to share some of my most refined production yet; I put a lot of love and energy into every little detail of this record. ‘Drama’, the first single off the EP, set the tone for this, with ‘Not In The Mood’ continuing my narrative of self-exploration.”

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