Jodi – ‘Frenchie’

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One of Sydney’s brightest new talents, Jodi is a contemporary singer, songwriter, and producer with a wealth of talent and ingenuity at her disposal. Wrapped in a vibrant world of indie-pop and bold electronic dance, Jodi's sound is relevant, modern, and utterly irresistible, building on a powerful foundation that blends her life experiences and unique artistic lens.

Painting pictures of heartbreak and resilience, all infiltrated with gratifying harmonies, sarcastic lyrics, and addictive grooves, Jodi's art is her being, her truest, most honest self, and her favourite form. An invigorating introduction to Jodi, her new single is alt-pop perfection, bringing her right to the very forefront of Sydney’s dance scene.

Titled ‘Frenchie’ and billed as the love child between Safia and Dua Lipa, ‘Frenchie’ is Jodi's dirty, sweaty, club trance announcement to end the year. Filled with sharp vocal chops, electronic synths, and club textures that will lull you into an energetic experience, the single is addictive, thrilling, and perfectly hers. With satisfying drops and chaotic choruses, Jodi's lyrics "thought I was clear when I said go" draw into Jodi's warped, but brilliant fantasyland.

Co-Produced by Oscar Sharah or Mel Blue, who infuses the band's effortless tropical dance production into this dark electro-pop love song, ‘Frenchie’ sets a lavish foundation for Jodi’s future and promises some big, bright things for next year.

Following ‘Frenchie’, Jodi is organising a fresh single for early 2022, which promises to be her most anthemic release to date. Jodi is laying down the groundwork to build her following and repertoire, which will cultivate in a live set, and she is sourcing an epic team to help actualize her artistic vision.

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