Chinese-American songwriter helenny has recently shared her second single 'this winter'

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A captivating new artist who blends cityscapes with reflective lyrics and soulful melodies, Chinese-American songwriter helenny has recently shared her second single 'this winter'.

Through the new single, helenny takes listeners on a reflection of losing the one you love and dreaming them home. Her second single, released just before her first EP which is due out next year, 'this winter' It is a bittersweet pop-jazz ballad., coo-written with Shanghai-based producer Yipeng Chen.

Growing up between fast-paced cosmopolitan giants Shanghai and New York City, helenny writes songs to slow down time. Formally trained in jazz, electronic music composition, and film scoring, helenny’s musical style is an endearing blend of cinematic emotion, tender diary-entry lyrics, and soulful melodies.

Speaking about the talented artist, Two Story Melody shared, “helenny reflects on the temporary nature of affection, and the ways in which we try to hold on to one another, aching for a future that we don’t fully believe in…"

"Between gorgeously blended harmonies, emotive soundscapes, and nostalgia-ridden lyrics, there’s not much room for indifference. It will almost certainly make you think of an old friend or lover, and how it felt to be away from them for the first time… This song will take you there. It will make you think of the person you never expected to lose.”

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