Minno delivers electro-pop bliss with new album ‘Through The Day, Through The Night’

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Based in Austin, Texas, Minno is an electronic music producer with a brilliant talent for creating intuitive and organic electro-pop sounds. Playing no instruments, and writing all his music on his computer, Minno’s sound is a perfect reflection of his own creative whims, carving out a unique journey with his debut album, ‘Through The Day, Through The Night’.

A ten-track collection that sees Minno joining forces with a spirited roster of singers and collaborators, the album is a perfect introduction to the aspiring producer, showcasing the full breadth of his talents, while also hinting at more to come. Encompassing a wide range of production styles and emotions, stitched seamlessly together with Minno’s cohesive style.

Through songs like ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Give Me Life’, Minno delves into an expressive range of everyday moments, from waking up to a beautiful morning to making hard decision in life, everything is reflected and explored. Songs like ‘Everything I Ever Needed’ shine with romantic vibes and heartfelt verse, backed perfectly by ‘What Have I Done’ that looks back at the struggles and hardships when chasing your dreams. Regrets, triumphs, loss, and love, it’s all on show, clad in gorgeous electro-pop sounds and cascading stream of impressive vocals tracks.

Written and recorded in Minno’s home studio, and with all vocals recorded by artists like Jon Worthy, Sophie DeFrench, BRYAN THE MENSAH, Rachael Hurwitz, and Ronan Harding, ‘Through The Day, Through The Night’ is an expansive look at life through Minno’s creative lens.

Speaking about his music, Minno has shared, "Music is all about emotions. My job as an artist is to take something that I feel deeply and try to translate that into sound. If I'm successful the listener will feel that same feeling I did." That ethos is key within the new album, and even after just one listen, you can tell just how much of his heart and soul he’s put into it.

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