Christie Love Experience – ‘Head on Fire’

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A global art project based in London/Austin, Texas, New York, and beyond, the Christie Love Experience makes music and spins records with charm and authenticity. Delivering enchanting grooves and infectious, anthemic riffs that light up any room, the long-time creatives deliver the warmth, energy, and artistry of timeless arena rock.

Born of a burning passion for music, the renowned Texas outfit first hit the scene some years back, but now, they’re back and sounding more impressive than ever. After a significant hiatus, the band with an unforgettable name made their return with a bold eponymous record, setting the standard for a plethora of immersive rock anthems to come.

Featuring boldly contemplative lyrics of poetic revelations, songs like ‘Freaks’ and ‘Halos’, taken from their self-titled EP, drive with hypnotic rhythms, heavy basslines, and powerfully engaging, soulful yet grunge-kissed vocal prowess. From the outset the band captures an identity of their own; and the attention of rock fans past and present in the same stylish move.

The band’s latest release, ‘Head on Fire’ sees the Christie Love Experience delivering a timeless and wonderfully evocative rock anthem that is cut straight from another era. Caught in a wave of sonic guitar, calling vocals, and sweeping, shoegaze anthemics, the new single is a textured, nostalgic release that helps prove their versatility and showcase their talents.

Guided by the artistry of Larry Goode on guitar, singer Wren Wren provides fiercely compelling vocals, while bassist Norman Pedigo adds his spark to an ultimately original and deeply moving sound. Openly influenced by the likes of Neil Young and Joy Division as much as Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Kraftwerk, and The Cure, the Christie Love Experience stand tall on the strength of their artistic eclecticism and freedom of expression. Whether drawing from blues, rock, soul, or pop, their versatility unites with an unbreakable sense of purpose and presence as a contemporary band.

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