Carl Pettit – ‘Strange Eve’

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An American composer and pianist currently residing in Portugal, Carl Pettit has coloured his music with a life steeped in world culture. A former journalist and writer covering the arts, business, history, media, politics, and travel, Carl has lived in Spain, England, Czechia, and East Asia, delving into varied sounds and genres to influence his approach to arranging and composing original sonic landscapes.

When starting his musical career, Carl began writing for acoustic guitar, until eventually discovering that his arpeggiated, rhythmic songwriting style transferred well to the piano, landing him somewhere in the neoclassical music space. Recently, Carl announced the upcoming release of ‘Lizards + Revolutionaries’, his debut EP, and to celebrate, he shared the evocative ’Temüjin's Lament’, a minimalistic piece representing one of the first steps in Carl’s musical journey.

A gorgeous release, ‘Temüjin's Lament’ perfectly introduced Carl’s texture soundscapes, and now, he’s shared the second composition to be taken from his upcoming EP, the soft and wonderfully emotive ‘Strange Eve’. Speaking about the new single, Carl explained, "’Strange Eve’ is the second release from my debut EP. It begins with a softer, melancholic melody, then evolves into a more complex interplay of dynamic rhythms.

He continued, “Some of my work is gentler, appropriate for the many ‘softer’ piano playlists out there, although I compose, and am a big fan of more dynamic piano compositions as well (works that tell a “musical story”), like some of the songs written by artists like Poland’s Hania Rani or Icelandic pianist Eydís Evensen.”

Available now on most major streaming platforms, ‘Strange Eve’ is an undeniable new piece that builds slowly and calmly into a gorgeous, dynamic sound. You can stream the new single below or as part of our neo-classical playlist.

In true form, the single is a joyous illustration of Carl’s neo-classical sound, one that is infused with new-age soul and jazz instrumentals that hinges on piano, guitar, and even some barebones looped vocals. Carl will be sharing new singles one by one ahead of the EP’s release, so be sure to follow him on his social media pages below.

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