Clauds - 'Visiting Hours'

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A talented alternative and electronica artist from Boorloo/Perth, Clauds has shared her brand new single 'Visiting Hours, the first of many stellar singles to be released throughout the year.

An evocative new release that sees Clauds bravely stepping into the spotlight, 'Visiting Hours' is a perfect follow-up to last year's 'Done', reinforcing the glitchy sounds and deep emotional impacts. Opening with her trademark ethereal vocals, the single takes listeners on "a delicate walk through the intricate stages of grief," with Clauds artfully painting "the daydream of grief, love and loss."

Musically, the single is easily one of the most captivating of the year so far, dlivering a masteclass in deep, rolling basstones, light, ambient synths, and an unmistakable drum style that helps keep you hooked, while also pushing towards an epic conclusion.

In recent years, Clauds has emerged as a truly captivating electronica and synth-pop artist, releasing a string of impressive singles that has cemented her as a mesmerising force within the music industry.

For Clauds, her lifelong dedication to music creates a new experience, even after several plays, bringing listeners back time and time again. From songwriting to synths, Clauds is carefully sculpting every section. Invigorating bass, syncopated percussion, and layers of infectious harmonies craft the perfect seat for her rich vocals.

With her explosive live performances and electrifying energy, Clauds continues to captivate audiences near and far. Whether Spotify or a stage, she holds it in the palm of her hand.

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