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Meredith Rounsley - 'Steady'

  • 2 min read

Nashville-based artist Meredith Rounsley makes indie pop music balanced on the knife edge of introspection and growth. Taking inspiration from powerhouses like Feist, KT Tunstall, and Maggie Rogers, her music is a beautiful deep-dive into playful instrumentation, culminating in the brilliant new single 'Steady'.

Written over zoom at the height of the pandemic and produced by Kyle Dreaden, 'Steady' is an enrapturing new song that expands Meredith's sound, blossoming past the typical singer/songwriter vibes and firmly into the indie-pop space. Speaking about the new single, she added, “'Steady' is a hopeful, sparkling, indie-pop anthem that celebrates the moment you realise exactly how to put your life back together."

Meredith grew up in rural Maryland on a mixture of soul, gospel, and Top 40 radio. After a move to Nashville to expand her sound, she released the four track project, 'Ember', in 2021, which was deservedly met with warm local reception. Since then, Meredith has been building a name for herself in the New Nashville music scene, bringing her commanding stage presence and engaging live performance to staple venues like The Basement and The East Room.

Now, Meredith is ready to push her own musical boundaries again with her forthcoming project, 'Soft Animals, Strong Chemicals'.

Set for release in the fall of this year, 'Soft Animls, Strong Chemicals' will see Meredith expanding her sound even further. Speaking further about the upcoming album, she explained, “My favorite artists take me with them right up to the cliff edge of their doubt and hope and curiosity. I decided with this project to be brave enough to join them.”

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