CLEWS - 'Everything Is Heavy'

CLEWS, AKA Lily and Grace Richardson, are fast becoming known for delighting audiences with their candied grunge sound. Their songs sparkle with lush harmonies and writing that speaks to fans from the heart. The sisters return today with the release of their new single ‘Everything Is Heavy’ via Wonderlick Recording Company / Sony Music Entertainment Australia.

The song marks a return to a darker, more reflective tone for CLEWS, reminiscent of their earlier material, but with an elevated aesthetic that speaks to their growth as artists and songwriters.

For Lily and Grace, leaning into the catharsis of songwriting has been a big part of them navigating life, love and relationships. Their universe has revolved around music for as long as they can remember. CLEWS have carved out a distinct sonic identity of strong, melodic vocals, lush production and the organic sound of a high energy band that echoes elements of the rock artists they love - PJ Harvey, Warpaint, Cherry Glazerr, and Fontaines D.C.

Lily of CLEWS explains that ‘Everything is Heavy’ (produced by Oscar Dawson of Holy Holy) is about the stakes in everyone’s lives getting higher as life goes on; “the people I love and the people around me have now been through more in life and those experiences are shaping us all. There's been a big shift in my life and Grace's where we're starting to go through our first serious relationships, which has brought us closer together as sisters. ‘Everything Is Heavy’ is kind of about taking all that seriously and to heart instead of brushing it all off. The verses are about working hard for love and accepting that you’ve done all you can to make it work out, even when it doesn’t.”

The band’s development as a live act has influenced their song writing, Lily reflects; “The more we connect with audiences at shows, the more open and honest I want to be in my songwriting and storytelling. Becoming more open to love and more in touch with my relationships over the past few years has made me realise how powerful it is when a song speaks to you, cutting like a laser right through the headnoise to articulate a feeling so specific, yet so universal.” The more Lily and Grace sing their hearts out, the stronger the CLEWS connection gets.

The release of ‘Everything Is Heavy’ is accompanied by another stunning visual made with Maya Luana - long-time collaborator and an integral part of the CLEWS backbone.

“The video was shot down the coast where we grew up. We chose a magical winter night when the big orange super moon was rising over the beach we spent every day of our childhood on,” says CLEWS. “We also shot guitar scenes in the community hall where we did music theatre rehearsals when we were kids. Going back to our hometown to make art has become a very special process for us and I hope adds authenticity to our videos by capturing us in an environment we feel truly part of. The video has a simple colour pallet - black and white and reds, with the darkness of the ocean looming in the background. We wanted to make something that felt a little more serious for CLEWS - inspired by the visuals of King Krule and Wolf Alice and red stage lights.”

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