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Cloak – ‘Heart Bars’

  • 2 min read

An Australian producer and artist with a passion for blending hip-hop, trap, EDM, and R&B into a bold stellar hybrid sound, Cloak might be one of the most intriguing underground artists in recent years. After delivering a string of impressive singles throughout the past few years, Cloak has returned to the fore with his latest self-produced offering, the passionate and expressive, ‘Heart Bars’.

A mixture of heartfelt songs blended with vibrant R&B, hip-hop, and indie-electronica, all topped with Cloak’s own unique brand of musical magic, ‘Heart Bars’ delves into the dizzying highs and insufferable lows of being in love, creating an album that comes straight from the heart but hits all the right spots.

Delivering seven brilliant tracks that shine with heart and character, ‘Heart Bars’ unfolds through a series of gorgeous melodies and pitched anthemics, breaking down barriers between genres and hearts. For the release, Cloak teamed up with one of his favourite producers for a couple of the tracks, explaining, “My fave Young producer Yensid teamed up with me on 2 tracks and the rest is my own work.”

He continued, adding on his social media pages, “It’s my mixture of heartfelt written songs Blended with R&B and hip-hop flavour that I’ve picked for this project touching on some of the deeper feelings I’ve experienced in the last few years about love, relationships, family, and friends, and also bringing awareness towards topics like anxiety, depression and the pressures of this world we live in at the moment, encouraging us all to punch through the other side and still kick goals no matter what happens….!!!!”

You can stream the new album above via Spotify or give it a spin on Soundcloud where it has already garnered several hundred streams. For more from Cloak, be sure to follow him on his social media pages below.

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