Ruby Sue – ‘The Need’

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An artist who has taken to the modern music scene with a confidence and flair that goes well beyond her young age, Ruby Sue is an artist who demands to be heard. After using her gap year to focus on her music, she’s unveiled her seminal debut album, the twelve-track indie-rock epic of ‘The Need’.

An album that took nine months to write, record, produce, and release, ‘The Need’ is a stunning culmination of all her work to date, capitalising on a childhood spent playing the guitar and the viola, along with time well spent in various orchestras and the Minnesota Youth Symphony. Lighting the fire of the album, ‘The Need’ opens perfectly with ‘Teenage Garbage Dump’, a massive 90’s influences piece filled with nostalgia and post-adolescent angst. It’s a strong opening cut, leaving you with no doubt about what Ruby can achieve.

As the album continues, ‘ROCK STAR’ kicks out with an anthemic rock sound, before tracks like ‘Let Me Out’ and ‘Black & Blue’ build on a distinct set of strings. The nostalgia remains constant, and her vocals are on point, ebbing and flowing within the music to create a complete musical portrait. When the title track appears, everything collides into a perfect mix of emotion and music, delivering an unforgettable sound that lingers on well past its three-and-a-half-minute run. In the later stages, Ruby does a brilliant job at transitioning from the 90’s sound to a more mid-2000’s rock edge, delivering ‘The Craze’, ‘Dear Aunt Michelle’, and the brilliant ‘HOW MANY MORE?’ with powerful vocals and a well-deserved sense of confidence. It’s an undeniable track list, and it never fails to excite, no matter how many times you listen.

Speaking about the album, Ruby explained, “During my gap year between high school and college last year, I was feeling lost and trying to find myself; I found music. I’ve always been a musician, but music was the only thing that felt right when everything else felt off. The lyrics and melodies rushed out of me like a burst dam. ‘The Need’ tells a true story of needing to be seen, heard and experience life. Growing up isn’t easy; it can feel daunting and lonely; the ultimate message is that if you feel the need to be seen, you are not alone.”

Available now, ‘The Need’ is a brilliant introduction to the talented Minnesota singer-songwriter, and it lands perfectly as the ultimate coming-of-age alt-rock album with her debut. Stream it above, and make sure you follow her on her social media below for more.

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