Comatose Red Ivy – ‘Lake House Liquor (Warzone Freestyle)’

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Caught somewhere between timeless country sounds and dark, eclectic hip-hop, Comatose Red Ivy came to our attention with one of the most bizarre and bewitching biographies that we’ve ever received. Featuring labels and by-lines like “crazy tranny dumb bytch” and “psychopathic suicidal drama queen”, it was a rare, unflinching look into the stark experimental world that Comatose Red Ivy inhabits. While the bio and a string of interviews with publications like MTS Management and Supreme PR had us sold, it wasn’t until we heard ‘Lake House Liquor’ that we really glimpsed the full picture.

More than just a rapper, singer, or even voice actor, Comatose Red Ivy is a unique force of music and nature. When digging into her past, a defining, though tragic moment relates to her ex-boyfriend heartlessly poisoning her, as she explains, “It was staged and plotted I had no idea, once I realized I was poisoned instead of calling 911, I chose to die and turned on some Mac Miller and laid down to die in my bed. Relationships with others? Oh, I’m 1000% a mess, I always say I’m dead living in my songs and I’m not joking, I use to be living dead but now I’m dead living.”

Through death, Comatose Red Ivy was reborn, and with her music giving her life, she’s carved out a unique sound through which she can express her thoughts, feelings, and various creative whims. Speaking candidly, she expressed her sound as “cinematic war tracks”, further explaining, “rappers avoid any beef with me. Everyone hates me because I'm transgender, got obsessed with the microphone because I could make myself sound big and tough.”

In true form, Comatose Red Ivy’s new song is exactly that, a mad, rolling hip-hop track that stitches together old-world country sounds and some deep, expansive vocals. A new feature on our playlists, and a stark, thoroughly original release in its own right, ‘Lake House Liquor (Warzone Freestyle)’ is strong, unyielding, and completely of her own making.

A reflection of her own experiences, and an outlet where she can project her own perspective for us all to connect with and perceive, ‘Lake House Liquor (Warzone Freestyle)’ is a track that needs to be heard to be truly understood.

You can stream it above via Spotify and be sure to follow Comatose Red Ivy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if their sound takes your fancy.

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