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SS.HH.A.N.A – ‘Deeper Me’

  • 2 min read

Every so often we come across an artist that totally changes the game. It’s a rare, but beautiful thing, and it hits like a lightning strike. An artist who has easily become our next great obsession, SS.HH.A.N.A is arguably one of the most exciting new talents we’ve come across in recent years, and her new single ‘Deeper Me’, is easily one of the most intoxicating.

At just twenty-one years old, SS.HH.A.N.A is still a fresh face in the music scene, but what she’s been able to achieve so far is staggering. Growing up in Beirut, Lebanon, SS.HH.A.N.A has developed a unique and wonderfully tactile pop sound that transcends the everyday and looks deep into the beating heart of everyone who hears it. A glistening new age piece that will leave you speechless, ‘Deeper Me’ is a sharp and undeniable introduction to SS.HH.A.N.A’s sound, one that flows with personal messages and slow-burning hooks.

A song that speaks to different layers of oneself, ‘Deeper Me’ ebbs and flows with musings about how our relationships with family, friends, and even lovers are often on the surface, and we don't give each other enough time or chances to really discover the deeper layers. Filled with fleeting, yet melodic tones, textured guitar chords, and some truly stunning vocals that perfectly reflect the evocative nature of the lyrics, offering dark gems right from the start with lines like “a part of me just died, another just woke”. As the song evolves, the journey truly begins, and as the song pitches and turns throughout itself, so too does your listening experience, until finally SS.HH.A.N.A lets us rest with the final closing words of “at least we tried / if not, that’s fine.”

It’s hard to imagine a more affecting song of 2021, and in every sense ‘Deeper Me’ reflects that simple but confronting notion that we all need to allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable with each other. You can stream ‘Deeper Me’ in full below via Spotify.

Deceptively complex, and irrepressibly charming, there is a certain magic to ‘Deeper Me’ that will move even the harshest of critics, while for those listening purely for the love of it, they’ll undoubtedly be left with a new sense of wonder, one that will, in many cases, change lives for the better.

With a penchant for life-affirming melodies and a belief in all things good, SS.HH.A.N.A is easily one of the biggest new artists of 2021, and with her signing to NYC’s WhiteKid Records, and news of her debut album coming this summer, we can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

Tune into the new single today on all major platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Anghami, and don’t forget to follow SS.HH.A.N.A on her social media pages below so you never miss a release.

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