Coming Wolves - 'Dark Feelings'

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A year or so after giving birth to their first record with a digital EP 'Howl', French metalcore and fusion outfit Coming Wolves have released their debut full-length effort called 'Dark Feelings', available right now on CD and digital through Music Records (Twisted Mist).

At the beginning of 2019 after a musical break of about a year, guitarist Allan Korgan decides to found a modern metal band mixing several styles but always with a melodic and powerful touch. A few days after the opening of the research to find the musicians, Jimmy Jay, at the top of his fifteen years, applies for the bass and reveals his virtuosity as well musical as human.

The alchemy being perfect, a set of fifteen tracks is composed and the name of the band chosen for Coming Wolves. Their first six-track EP was released on October 2021 and is available on all platforms, as well as their first video 'Wolf' on YouTube.

At the beginning of February 2022, Valentino 'Striker' Bonelli joined the adventure following the departure for professional reasons of Robin to take over the drums.

The band Coming Wolves has since then played about fifteen concerts, including the Warm Up of Hellfest opening for Tagada Jones and Crisix at L'autre Canal in Nancy and the Off of Hellfest by Leclerc Clisson.

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