Gated Estates – ‘A Letter’

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For a new band, the debut single is absolutely crucial, setting both the tone and the standard for things to come. For Gated Estates, that single has come in the form of ‘A Letter’, a brilliant and wonderfully delicate piece that revels in sweeping static, vibrant synths, and bold electro beats.

The first single from the project’s upcoming eponymously titled debut album, ‘A Letter’ hinges on gentle melodicism, creating a nuanced wave of sounds that is lightly studded with artfully curated echoes, rising crescendos, and solitary guitar notes that fall into place, creating an expressive form of subtle yet agitated art-rock.

Alongside the instrumentals, Dan Linn-Pearl’s vocal lines weave through the climactic progressions, carved by Shane Dixon (Nick Parker, Ginger Wildheart & The Sinners), Rose Linn-Pearl (Peiriant), Jonathan Morgan (OCTO-PI) and Darren Beale (The Caves, The Boomtown Rats), ensuring that it is impossible to not fall deeply in love with the singles’ power and poetry.

Speaking about the new single to Vent Magazine, the band explained, “I wanted to explore the hypothetical situation where you are directly conversing with your younger self. What would you say to yourself? If you could go back and change something, would you? Is fate a written path? I think we all get to a point when we inevitably look back and try to decipher the alternative paths we could’ve taken.”

They continued, “A Letter was actually the first tune to be finished, and also the one which inspired me to continue writing more tracks, and eventually a full record. The LP is designed to be a journey, an exploration of the human condition in reference to the boundaries we create in our lives.
A Letter sets up the landscape of the record as it emerges from the tension-filled opener. Exploratory lyrics, arpeggiated synths, melodic guitar lines, and oblique atmospheres are all characteristics of the LP as a whole.”

Available now, ‘A Letter’ is a subtle masterpiece that deserves to be heard, arriving as one of the most exciting and impressive debut singles of the last few years. You can stream the single above and be sure to follow the band on their social media pages below for when their album drops later this year.

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