Crispus Attucks and the Love Muskets – ‘Attucks For America’

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An American pop-punk duo based in the bustling, concrete heart of New York, Crispus Attucks and the Love Muskets have been carving up the underground for a while now, delivering a visceral stream of socially conscious, politically charged sounds that will shake you to the core. Made up of two New York natives, Matt Brescia and Will Beckenhaupt, the band have garnered a reputation for tackling current issues in their music, hitting hard with an unflinchingly honest lens and a raw, irresistible sound.

Shaped by a unique combination of blistering instrumentation and irresistible, sing-along choruses, Crispus Attucks and the Love Muskets’ music is designed to leave their audiences feeling upbeat, empowered, and ready to change the world.

Released in January of this year, ‘Attucks For America’ is the uncompromising debut album from Crispus Attucks and the Love Muskets, and it’s safe to say that the world hasn’t been the same since its release. Exploring an eclectic range of issues, from the American socio-political climate in the wake of Trump’s presidency, to the military-industrial complex and the tumultuous relationship between state and religion, the album is arguably one of the truest incarnations of the pop-punk spirit that you’ll hear in this or any other year.

Drawing on a maelstrom of elements from the brash spectrum of punk music, the new album a triumphant culmination of months of work and revision, leaning on heavy instrumentals and melodic vocals to pack a punk and make an irrevocable statement. Check out the full album below, including the titanic lead singles ’72 Hours in America’ and ‘The Holy or the Broken’.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Attucks For America’ is a defiant new release that shines an unyielding spotlight on the modern state of America and constantly calls for change. Be sure to like and share the new album on Spotify and give Crispus Attucks and the Love Muskets a follow on their social media pages below so you never miss a new release.

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