Wesley Wilson – ‘Traveling On’

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An up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Santa Barbara, California, Wesley Wilson has been making music and chasing his dream ever since he was a lad. After first picking up an electric guitar at the tender age of ten, Wesley has been years carefully crafting and refining his expressive sound, shaping his music with the moments and emotions that have made his life what it is today. While his music had always been a private affair in the past, Wesley took the bold step of releasing his debut single in 2020, and ever since then, he’s been on track to become one of the United State’s most poignant and impressive songwriters.

For his latest single, Wesley has continued to channel his most personal moments, delivering a rustic, heart-warming, and absolutely undeniable delight in the form of ‘Travelling On’. A stellar new single that revels in an emotive stream of textured acoustic guitar and light piano-based melodies, ‘Traveling On’ is the perfect introduction to Wesley’s heartfelt sound. Filled with honest, calling sounds, and a simple, but wonderfully effective melody, it’s a rousing, uplifting, and even spiritual sound that will speak straight to the heart.

Wesley has always said that his music is a window into how he views the world, and on ‘Traveling On’, he’s continued to impress, crooning with a charming country lilt. In his own words, Wesley explained, “with love-filled work and determination you can truly live a life full of abundance”, and on his new single, he’s put that into perfect practice.

You can stream the new single below via Spotify, and make sure you follow Wesley on Spotify as he continues to release new music.

Wonderfully performed and undeniably expressive, it’s impossible to deny the rustic charm that exudes from ‘Traveling On’, and if Wesley can keep producing singles that are just as expressive, then he’ll be an international name in no time. You can follow Wesley on Instagram today, and don’t forget his words of wisdom, “Pay more attention. Show more affection. Let go of perfection. Breathe through the tension. Leave a loving impression.”

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