Daniel Biro - '120 OneTwenty'

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After receiving his first analogue synth at the age of twelve, London-based composer Daniel Biro has gone on to spend a lifetime hooked on all things electronic. His will to experiment and his want to refine his skills has led him to become one of the most creative artists of our modern times, with twelves solo albums and countless other works to his name.

His latest release, ‘120 OneTwenty’ is an album that blends his own unique style with three hallmarks of progressive music; Berlin-style electronics, prog-rock synths and jazz fusion keyboards. The album is a collection of ten tracks built upon inspiration from Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and other iconic German artists, that all melt together to become an emotive journey of many different levels.

Textured, refined, and brilliantly layered, ‘120 OneTwenty’ manages to escape the usual trappings of most instrumental albums, carving its own path of awe-inspiring atmospheres and progressive, jazz-rock fusions. It’s not all perfectly polished and without fault, but the six years that Biro put into ‘120 OneTwenty’ makes it hard to find real issues in his work. It’s a unique vision brought into existence by a very talented composer, and while the initial steps into the album might throw some listeners askew, those that persevere will find themselves on a strange world to a very satisfying end.

You can grab your own copy of ‘120 OneTwenty’ now from Amazon and iTunes, and stream the album on Spotify.

More of Daniel Biro’s work can be found on the Sargasso website here.

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