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Jerry Hull – 'Internet Radio Star'

  • 1 min read

After moving from the US to the UK, Jerry Hull, a talented singer, pianist, songwriter, and arranger has been riding an unrelenting wave of creativity. Since April of 2015, he’s been driven to release over 35 singles, 11 videos, and 5 albums, and with a new single just recently released, there’s no sign that Jerry is slowing down.

The new single comes in the form of ‘Internet Radio Star’, a narrative-infused anthem that brilliantly combines a sense of wonder with words that could easily be autobiographical. It’s up-tempo and filled with the brazen confidence that all great rock songs need, reminiscent of the 80’s pop-rock greats, while also being modern enough to extinguish even the faintest thoughts of being overplayed. It’s a modern subject matter distilled through old-fashioned rock ’n’ roll and built upon the deft piano skills at Jerry’s disposal.

Already the song has been heralded as an “all rock cult classic”, and Jerry himself has been given the prestigious title of ‘Mozart of the Millennium’ on the back of it. They’re big words for a big anthem, and they’re hard to argue with, especially when the track had hit the Number 1 spot on It Matters Radio’s Top 10 Chart and the Number 29 spot on Radio Indie Alliance’s Top 40 Chart before it was even released!

What else could you really expect from our own modern-day Mozart though?
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