Denver's Bleak Mystique share their Strokes-inspired new single 'Better Off'

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Denver's indie upstarts Bleak Mystique are back with a new single that perfectly showcases an evolution in their sound. Titled 'Better Off', the track sees the band exploring bolder sonic territories while paying homage to their influences to create a dynamic new direction.

Inspired by "a failed situationship" and taking lead from indie rock icons The Strokes, the new single sees Bleak Mystique adding emphasis to their own indie rock aspirations, aiming to create an updated, contemporary take on the indie-rock sound. For the song, Bleak Mystique took charge of producing and recording the song entirely in-house, allowing greater creative control and resulting in a distinctive emphasis on the drums and vocals.

Speaking about the single, the band explained, "This song has some influence from The Strokes, but we put our own twist on it. We produced and recorded the song ourselves, and tried to incorporate a really modern drum and vocal sound. The whole thing is meant to be a bit more crunchy than our previous recordings, and the song has a lot of fun parts that fit together."

This attention to detail translates perfectly, with the band delivering a dynamic listening experience that weaves together playful musical sections with an engaging sense of progression.

Bleak Mystique continued, "The song is about a failed situationship in which the narrator is not on the same page as his partner. It's also about feeling extremely vulnerable and letting insecurities get the best of you, as well as the experience our singer had as he had a nervous breakdown and started an SSRI about a week before finishing the lyrics to this song."

'Better Off' marks an exciting new chapter for Bleak Mystique, demonstrating their growth as artists, and showcasing a newfound maturity without sacrificing the infectious energy that fans have come to love.

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