Dylan Tauber continues his exploration of electronic music with new album ‘Dolphin Waves 2’

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Dylan Tauber's latest offering, 'Dolphin Waves 2', continues his exploration of electronic music with a captivating blend of classic EDM elements and modern digital innovation. Released today, and exclusively available on Tauber's official Bandcamp page, his nineteenth album is an immersive sonic journey that more than lives up to its predecessor.

A vibrant continuation of the themes explored in ‘Dolphin Waves’, the sequel of sorts showcases Tauber's passion for hybrid electronic sounds and reaffirms his position as a visionary artist. With eighteen albums under his belt already, Tauber brings a wealth of experience and creativity to 'Dolphin Waves 2'. The album's thematic focus on the ocean serves as a spiritual conduit, guiding listeners through waves of crashing electronic sounds and serene melodies. It’s a familiar and welcoming theme, as fans of his previous work will know, but magically, the familiarity doesn’t ruin any of the surprises or appeal.

Tracks like 'Dylan Son of Waves Forever’ and ‘Dancing with Dolphins’ show musical and spiritual continuity with the previous album, before Dylan sets sail into new territory, traversing the full breadth of the electronic genre through fourteen vibrant and imaginative tracks. An enchanting exploration of sound and emotion, the new album invites listeners to dive deep into Tauber's creative universe, lovingly looking back to his previous releases, while also continuing to innovate and enchant.

At its core, 'Dolphin Waves 2' is more than just an album - it's a sensory experience. With its luscious blend of pop and leftfield, bold EDM-flavoured episodes, and intimate collected gems, Tauber takes listeners on an eclectic journey that is both contemporary and intriguing. Combined with its bluey and ethereal imagery, 'Dolphin Waves 2' is bound to impress even the most apathetic of listeners, cementing Tauber's status as a pioneering force in electronic music.

Tauber's meticulous production and attention to detail shine through each track, creating a cohesive and engaging musical journey. As an award-winning electronic musician, cyber artist, photographer, and author, Tauber's diverse talents are on full display in 'Dolphin Waves 2'. His ability to seamlessly blend various artistic mediums is a testament to his creativity and innovation. Whether through music, art, or literature, Tauber continues to push boundaries and inspire audiences worldwide. For fans old and new, 'Dolphin Waves 2' is a testament to Tauber's enduring talent and artistic vision.

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