Devin Reardon – ‘Take Me To The Coast’

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Moving from Florida to Ireland in pursuit of musical ambitions, singer-songwriter Devin Reardon has a new surf-rock indie-anthem following his first release’s flash of originality in the indie Irish music scene. Driven by his passion for songwriting, authenticity, and balance, the Irish American musician has explored new creative boundaries with artists around the world, delivering the gorgeous new single, ‘Take Me To The Coast’.

With a colourful musical background starting at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Florida for music and theatre, then further education in musical theatre at Florida State University's Musical Theatre program, Devin brings strong vocals and exciting indie-pop compositions. Reardon has a passion for storytelling in his songs. From humble beginnings drumming for years in Moist Patio, then performing as a member of acclaimed collegiate Acapella group, Reverb. His experiences help create a bright vocal-saturated beach-rock inspired track squeezing the last drops of sunshine out of Irish summer.

Devin has entertained crowds in the US and Ireland with his theatrical and multi-instrument performances. However, the pandemic was a time for this musician to regroup and delve into his formative influences, finding a Beach Boys yet Mac Demarco-like sound with ‘Take Me To The Coast’. He tells of the sound reminiscing about his younger years driving around beaches of his hometown: Saint Augustine, Florida.

Mixed by US audio engineer Austin Marsh and recorded at SL Studios in Gorey, Ireland, ‘Take Me To The Coast’ is a nostalgic indie-folk psychedelic summer single inspired by Reardon’s upbringing on beaches of Florida’s East Coast. The song features the decorated Broadway singer-actor Katerina McCrimmon in a lovely duet with Reardon.  Accompanying the two musicians is Josh Hackett on lovely electric guitar/bass and Tadhg O’Griffin on the singing organ. 

While trying to create a beautiful musical landscape dedicated to the never-ending summer in his memories of youth, he comes to terms with the bittersweetness of growing up, but how the permanence of the beach brings him peace as he gets older. 

Now living in the Co. Wicklow, Ireland, also called the “Garden of Ireland,” he has been reflecting in a musical garden of creativity, producing a catalogue of indie-folk hits, including his first single ‘Ireland Song’, which was met with resounding success and ample radio airtime on international stations such as Dublin South FM, Chelmer Radio, and WFCF Flagler Radio, among others.

Devin continues to win the embrace of fans from Ireland, the US, the UK, and other countries around the world. Many say on social media they eagerly await the launch of a full album in 2022. 

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